July 20, 2010

FH406 Four Horizons XIII (red flowers, green leaves)

FH 406 Four Horizons XIII (red flowers, green leaves)
12 x 12" oil on panels

After completing FH406...I wondered why I had done a picture of just flowers and leaves (the under-painting was done last year). Then I thought about the secondary theme of the series…simple gifts. Although I do not often paint pictures of flowers, they are an important part of my life; there are always flowering plants in the house, and my half-wild perennial beds are bursting with them. Flower motifs appear in many of my designs. When desean and I get together, we are constantly taking photos of flowers and leaves and plant forms. We set up our favourite china, a take photos. It is our delight in the smallest, simplest things in the life that give us joy…the lovely curve of a plant, the beauty of the teacup we drink from.

These things…and if we begin counting them, there are many in our day…make up the sum of our pleasure in life. They give us pause, in our hectic schedule. The make us pause, and appreciate the fact that happiness is an accumulation of small things, most of which cost nothing and take little time. We have only to pause now and then to acknowledge them, drink them in. They are simple gifts bestowed by life. And they are the very essence of happiness.

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