September 4, 2010

FH408 Simple Gifts III (brush, mug)

FH408 Simple Gifts III (brush, mug)
10 x 8" oil on panel

Lately I have been scratching white lines into my little oil paintings, and laying contrasting lines of colour next to each other.  It has a flickering effect, as the colours change before your eyes, coming forward one moment, receding the next.  Yet the technique is flat and graphic, every line and area laid out side by side.  Each line takes the brain somewhere else, though, pushing and pulling.

I made a list a while back, of all the things in a single day that I enjoy, and I was surprised at the length of it.  Almost everything on the list is a simple thing, or a momentary in my favourite mug, the lovely flower blooming in the kitchen window, my brushes and paints always ready for play.  Simplicity is freedom.

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