September 5, 2010

FH410 Noah's Fish

FH410 Noah's fish
1024 x 768 pixels, digital drawing iPad Layers

For me, the success of this experiment is tied to the child figure.  On a whim, I used a photo I took of my grandson Noah on a camping trip.  Noah's rapt attention to the world around him reminds me that this very idea...seeing the world again through innocent a key theme in this series.  Of course I turned turned Noah into one of my characters, a fate most of my family and friends have come to expect and, I hope, tolerate with good humour.

I have been using kaleidoscope patterns for clothing, and my photos for background areas. In the last sketch, I used the picture of Noah instead of a Poser figure as a template (surprisingly with much the same results), then added four layers as horizons. Using various photos for each horizon layer contributed to the varying viewpoints, even though the composition is the traditional flat view.

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